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30 March 2020

We are still open for business and will work to offer the best service at this challenging time. Please note the following guidelines are now in place due to the most recent Health Department advice:

  • Some appointments such as dental procedures, non urgent routine procedures (nail clips, clipping etc) will be delayed until such time as we receive further advice from the Health department. Where applicable phone consultations can be arranged. Please continue to ring for appointments.

  • Our at risk staff have reduced community contact. For example appointments with St SNR are now restricted.

  • Only 2 people are allowed in the waiting room at any one time. Only 2 people are allowed to congregate in our outdoor waiting area. Please only bring yourself to an appointment.

  • Please use hand sanitiser provided upon entry to the clinic. If you do not follow this guideline you will be asked to do so.

  • No walk in Appointments at this time.

  • No hospital visits.

Thankyou for working with us. These measures are designed to protect our staff and all our clients.

Please stay at home if you are sick.

Community spread of this disease will be devastating not only to yourselves but potentially all the animals in the area.

If we get a suspect case in our clinic we are forced to close for up to two weeks - no appointments, no after hours support.. nothing! That is why these measures are so vital.


31 March 2020

Most people have seen or heard about the current parvo situation in our area. Please check your dogs vaccination status and ensure that they are vaccinated.

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